Stop-Motion Animation

Stop-motion animation has graced the silver screen since the late 1800's and its tradition is continued today encompassing all genres and age-groups. The meticulous and time intensive craft is celebrated this week from well-known hits like "The Nightmare Before Christmas" to lesser-known endeavors like the Pittsburgh Premier of "My Life as a Zucchini.""

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Mr. Fox has lived a quiet family life for 12 years, but his old habits of thieving chickens stirs up a war between the fox community and the evil Farmers. (2009)
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Mary and Max

Mary, a lonely eight-year-old girl and Max, a 44 year-old man with Asperger's syndrome become unlikely pen pals spanning years of their lives. (2009)
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My Life as a Zucchini

Courgette's mother "went away" and he is placed in an orphanage where he creates friendships, and learns the meaning of trust and love. (Pittsburgh Premier, 2016)
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The Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack Skellington, the king of Halloween Town, causes confusion and chaos amongst his subjects when he becomes obsessed with celebrating Christmas. (1993)
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Thursday - March 30th

Mary and Max - 5:30 pm Buy Tickets
My Life as a Zucchini - 7:30 pm Buy Tickets
The Nightmare Before Christmas (Pajama Party) - 9:15 pm Facebook Event & Tickets

Jean-Luc Godard

We are screening a selection of French New Wave pioneer Jean-Luc Godard's work from the 1960s. Our features are "Breathless", his breakthrough work; the strangely seductive futuristic "Alphaville";  "Contempt", a send-up of filmmaking like no other; and "Pierrot le Fou", a visual tour de force bringing together Jean-Paul Belmondo and Anna Karina.


Lemmy Caution is on a mission to kill the creator of a malevolent computer that rules Alphaville. Lemmy must unravel the mysteries of the computer and teach the creator's daughter (Anna Karina) the meaning "love." (1965)
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A small-time crook (Jean-Paul Belmondo) steals a car and murders a policeman. While on the run, he reconnects with Patricia a journalism student in Paris. Breakthrough film of the French New Wave. (1960)
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Scenes from a marital breakdown between screenwriter (Michel Piccoli) and his wife (Brigitte Bardot) during the filming an adaptation of Homer's The Odyssey. (1963)
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Pierrot le Fou

Ferdinand (Jean-Paul Belmondo), unhappily married and recently fired from his job, abandons his family and runs off to the Riviera with the enigmatic Marianne (Anna Karina). (1965)
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Friday - March 31st

Breathless - 12:30 pm Buy Tickets
Contempt - 2:35 pm Buy Tickets
Pierrot le Fou - 5:00 pm Buy Tickets
Coffee, Croissants, & French Cinema: Alphaville - 7:25 pm Facebook Event & Tickets
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Breathless - 9:45 pm Buy Tickets

Saturday - April 1st

Pierrot le Fou - 12:30 pm Buy Tickets
Alphaville - 2:55 pm Buy Tickets
Contempt - 5:15 pm Buy Tickets
Breathless - 7:30 pm Buy Tickets
Pierrot le Fou - 9:30 pm Buy Tickets

Sunday - April 2nd

Breathless - 3:20 pm Buy Tickets
Pierrot le Fou - 5:20 pm Buy Tickets
Alphaville - 7:45 pm Buy Tickets

Monday - April 3rd

Pierrot le Fou - 3:00 pm Buy Tickets
Contempt - 5:20 pm Buy Tickets
Breathless - 7:30 pm Buy Tickets
Alphaville - 9:35 pm Buy Tickets

Tuesday - April 4th

Contempt - 3:00 pm Buy Tickets
Breathless - 5:15 pm Buy Tickets
George Orwell's 1984 Film - National Screening Day - 7:15 pm Buy Tickets Facebook Event
George Orwell's 1984 Film - National Screening Day - 9:35 pm Buy Tickets Facebook Event

Wednesday - April 5th

Breathless - 3:00 pm Buy Tickets
Alphaville - 5:00 pm Buy Tickets
Contempt - 7:15 pm Buy Tickets
Pierrot le Fou - 9:30 pm Buy Tickets

Thursday - April 6th

Alphaville - 3:45 pm Buy Tickets
Breathless - 9:20 pm Buy Tickets

2nd Annual Pittsburgh Japanese Film Festival

Row House Cinema presents the second annual Pittsburgh Japanese Film Festival. The festival showcases seven of Japan’s more recent or historically best films, each in a different genre, reflecting the richness and diversity of Japanese cinema. Join us for a week of special performances, presentations, Japanese treats and beers, and local guest vendors!

Visit the Official Festival Website for a full list of showtimes and ticket buying links!