A Celebration Of George Romero

October 13th - 19th, 2017

Pittsburgh comes together to show our love and appreciation of the late George Romero during a special week-long tribute.

George Romero was an icon among horror fans and is often considered the Father of the Zombie Movie. His film Night of the Living Dead, released in 1968, is a cult favorite and launched a new wave of modern zombie movies.

As a tribute to the legendary Pittsburgher, several local businesses have teamed up to develop a week's worth of programs and screenings of Romero's films, including Row House Cinema, the Douglas Education Center, House Of The Dead, The ScareHouse, makeup artists, special effects artists, and filmmakers.

The week, titled A Celebration of George Romero, will occur from Friday, October 13th to Thursday, October 19th, 2017, with most events held at Row House Cinema in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh.

The films explore Romero's canon, including forgotten gems beyond his zombie repertoire, including Night of the Living Dead, Day of the Dead, Creepshow, Knightriders, Martin, and a brand new restoration of Season of the Witch.

Events include the resurrection of Pittsburgh zombie store House of the Dead, a mini Zombie School featuring lessons on how to act like a zombie from nationally acclaimed haunted house The ScareHouse, a #RomeroWasHere Scavenger Hunt sending participants to many of the locations where Romero filmed his movies throughout Western Pennsylvania, and a horror themed trivia night at Bierport.

Additionally, there will be heavy involvement from the Douglas Education Center’s George A. Romero Filmmaking School and Tom Savini’s Special Makeup and Effects Program. All of the proceeds from the makeup and special effects demonstrations will go directly to the students who are displaying their craft.

George Romero has had an undeniable influence on the Pittsburgh community, and now the community is looking to honor his memory.

Film Information


Friday 10/13

Creepshow - 12:15pm
Night of the Living Dead - 5:00pm
Knightriders - 7:00pm
Day of the Dead - 10:00pm
Night of the Living Dead - Midnight

Saturday 10/14

Knightriders - 11:45am
Creepshow - 2:35pm
Season of the Witch - 5:00pm
Day of the Dead - 7:40pm
Night of the Living Dead - 9:45pm
Season of the Witch - Midnight

Sunday 10/15

Day of the Dead - Noon
Makeup Demo from Tom Savini’s Special Makeup & Effects Program - 2:30pm Facebook Event & Ticket Link
Knightriders - 3:40pm
Creepshow w/ special effects master Jerry Gergely - 6:30pm Facebook Event & Ticket Link
Season of the Witch - 9:30pm

Monday 10/16

Day of the Dead - 12:30pm
Creepshow - 2:30pm
Night of the Living Dead - 5:00pm
Season of the Witch - 7:00pm
Knightriders - 9:35pm

Tuesday 10/17

Night of the Living Dead - Noon
Season of the Witch - 1:55pm
Creepshow - 4:30pm
Day of the Dead & Mini Zombie School w/Scarhouse - 7:00pm Facebook Event & Ticket Link
Creepshow - 9:35pm

Wednesday 10/18

Knightriders - 11:40am
Season of the Witch - 2:30pm
Day of the Dead - 5:05pm
Creepshow - 7:10pm
Knightriders - 9:35pm

Thursday 10/19

Season of the Witch - 11:50am
Creepshow - 2:20pm
Knightriders - 4:45pm
Night of the Living Dead - 7:40pm
Martin - 9:45pm

Friday 10/20

Martin - 5:00pm

Other Special Events

Romero Was Here Scavenger Hunt

a scavenger hunt inspired by George Romero that requires you, the competitor, to visit a number of his movie set locations in Pittsburgh and Western PA. Link for more information
Scavenger Instruction Sheet

House Of The Dead Revival

Our (former) Lawrenceville neighbors, House of the Dead, are rising from the dead! Link for more information